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from Voices Of Our Vote: #MYAAPIVote Album by Various Artists



18MillionRising presents Voices of Our Vote: #MyAAPIVote Album - a compilation album featuring 32 politically empowering tracks by an eclectic mix of Asian American musicians. Given the current political climate of anti-immigrant rhetoric and increased racial tension, turning out to vote as an AAPI community this November 8th is more important than ever. At 18MillionRising, we believe that music can shift hearts and minds, and with the release of the Voices of Our Vote: #MyAAPIVote Album, we believe music can activate Asian America to the polls.

This album was created in partnership with the Asian North Americans music curation platform TRAKTIVIST (; with Kollaboration ( who supports APIs in arts and entertainment by showcasing and connecting creative talents; with the oldest currently running Asian American open mic space Tuesday Night Project (; and the South Asian diaspora music and online mixtape site Mishthi Music ( All proceeds earned from the album will be donated to 18MillionRising (, an organization promoting AAPI civic engagement, influence, and movement by leveraging the power of technology and social media.


Guess I'm caught up in the middle ground
Cause everyone cutting off the middle now
Wanna make a change? Gotta pick it now
Pick it how? Pick a side
Better do it quick before they all go lay you down
No, no, no, no; all I see is lies, yet they want it televised
I should speak out on what's inside, still I sit in here and hide

This could be our funeral song
Wanna hold you longer
I could hear our funeral song
Wish I held you longer

Please tell me what the hell is going on
Why should I even care at all?

Toupees, toupees, toupees
Heads fiasco, not like Lupe
Said amazing watching UK
No fucks given bout what you say
Ok, what you gon do, boy?
Think we gon lose, boy?
Better make a run, never giving up my gun
Gonna give it to my son, makin sure he git-r-done, boy, hm
With that hole in your chest
I got no prob putting blood on my neck
It's now redder than ever, I'll empty this chamber on 36 strangers
I'm better than ever, right hand on my heart
Burning this cross, checking the box with some barbecue sauce
I wanna hold on, wanna hold on
Praying the rest of you won't be here long
No, oh Lord, no

Please tell me what the hell is going on
Why should I even care at all?

E-mails, e-mails, e-mails
30,000 for one female
Private servers in that retail
FBI still found no details
Alright, hidden in plain sight
Cause our pockets never looking light
I got 18 million in the bank account
You just 18 million, that's a small amount
Oh, why can't you see it's all fine
I insist that you should turn a blind eye
Tighten this tie, fall back in line
Kiss all your dreams, sayonara, goodbye
Already you lost one, I'm with the top ones
Private jet on the runway, watching Top Gun
Better hold on, better hold on
Be with the wealthy or you won't last here long, no

Please tell me what the hell is going on
Why should I even care at all?

America, America,
God done shed his grace on me
I'm gon get mine, *beep* you long time
From sea to shining sea


from Voices Of Our Vote: #MYAAPIVote Album, released September 6, 2016
Writer(s): Jason S. Mordeno & Jennifer Jen-yi Lee
Produce, Mixing & Mastering: Jennifer Jen-yi Lee


all rights reserved



18 Million Rising Los Angeles, California

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