J. Han - Shalom ft. John Givez

from Voices Of Our Vote: #MYAAPIVote Album by Various Artists



18MillionRising presents Voices of Our Vote: #MyAAPIVote Album - a compilation album featuring 32 politically empowering tracks by an eclectic mix of Asian American musicians. Given the current political climate of anti-immigrant rhetoric and increased racial tension, turning out to vote as an AAPI community this November 8th is more important than ever. At 18MillionRising, we believe that music can shift hearts and minds, and with the release of the Voices of Our Vote: #MyAAPIVote Album, we believe music can activate Asian America to the polls.

This album was created in partnership with the Asian North Americans music curation platform TRAKTIVIST (traktivist.com); with Kollaboration (www.kollaboration.org) who supports APIs in arts and entertainment by showcasing and connecting creative talents; with the oldest currently running Asian American open mic space Tuesday Night Project (tuesdaynightproject.org); and the South Asian diaspora music and online mixtape site Mishthi Music (mishthimusic.com). All proceeds earned from the album will be donated to 18MillionRising (18MillionRising.org), an organization promoting AAPI civic engagement, influence, and movement by leveraging the power of technology and social media.



should I run, should I run away
should I run away and never look back?
(oh no, oh no)
how I could I ever go back the way I left?

I’ll be rapping my tail off -- truly on my lizard flow
brother, I ain’t scared though
running through this jungle and I’m feeling like a nomad
no, man. no more letting these opinions drive a boat to no man’s
land in the sand and maybe you will live the kodak
moment after moment; every time you need to go back
and recuperate to the lab again, drawing board or labyrinth
hunger’s like a labrador retriever and it’s back again
hello. tryna not be othello
I believed the hype, mistaking grapes for morellos
didn’t realize that it would taste sour
every second, every hour, certainly was not godiva
I was certain I was ready for this journey unknown
it’s better not to know how the journey unfolds
if I knew, man, I’d run away, I’d run away
like a coward I would cower, never taking steps of faith

man, I’m looking for some peace,
some peace of mind cause I got it so conflicted
I put the focus all about chasing dreams
and neglected living out my convictions (wait a minute)
I gotta pause and recall why I did it in the first place
never entered in this race to be first place
‘cause the last shall be put ahead
I truly hope this adventure is budapest
beautiful is the campaign,
can’t blame everybody for my bad aim
and back pain all because of low standards
I’m shooting at -- going for the max damage
feeling insecure cause the money short handed.
drinking my pride by the pints and the gallons.
maybe it’s true that I made a mistake
for not being a coward and taking these steps of faith

how you feeling? I’m feeling good today x3
shalom, cause everything will be okay

give me a second to recollect,
they tell me my record is irregular
they talking I walk a line between sacred and secular,
save it for the reckoners, it's red in my eyes,
I'm tip toeing through these terminals & floating in skies
I see my clout up in the clouds, clouded by the thousands
of people tellin’ me that with my words they get aroused
this route dun' kept me from around the way?
I'm hardly home my momma wonder if I'm sound and safe
the safest sound is in my hotel, sending off my hope mail,
I need some peace & quiet speaking to God is hard to do now
if I'm honest all this talk about what ima do now as an artist
isn't it all it's cracked up to be, crack a smile for company,
accompanied with questions ‘bout the quest I'm on for greatness
I question if these people look at me & think I'm famous
it's crazy cuz, I started making music for some peace,
a way to get away from all the drama in the streets, should I run?


from Voices Of Our Vote: #MYAAPIVote Album, released September 6, 2016
Producer: Pe2ny (Korean Producer)
Songwriters: J. Han, John Givez


all rights reserved



18 Million Rising Los Angeles, California

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