DANakaDAN x Jun Sung Ahn - Alive

from Voices Of Our Vote: #MYAAPIVote Album by Various Artists



18MillionRising presents Voices of Our Vote: #MyAAPIVote Album - a compilation album featuring 32 politically empowering tracks by an eclectic mix of Asian American musicians. Given the current political climate of anti-immigrant rhetoric and increased racial tension, turning out to vote as an AAPI community this November 8th is more important than ever. At 18MillionRising, we believe that music can shift hearts and minds, and with the release of the Voices of Our Vote: #MyAAPIVote Album, we believe music can activate Asian America to the polls.

This album was created in partnership with the Asian North Americans music curation platform TRAKTIVIST (traktivist.com); with Kollaboration (www.kollaboration.org) who supports APIs in arts and entertainment by showcasing and connecting creative talents; with the oldest currently running Asian American open mic space Tuesday Night Project (tuesdaynightproject.org); and the South Asian diaspora music and online mixtape site Mishthi Music (mishthimusic.com). All proceeds earned from the album will be donated to 18MillionRising (18MillionRising.org), an organization promoting AAPI civic engagement, influence, and movement by leveraging the power of technology and social media.



I never felt so alive, I wonder when this feeling dies
I wonder what happens when two doves cry, yes and the world survives
It’s no surprise, it’s no surprise this shit has opened up our eyes
But I’ve been advised to just stay quiet while they feed us lies and will divide
I recognize but what can I do,, I sometimes lay back and just take it
When the issues that affecting us now yo they clearly do not make it
Do you feel that too, yeah just like me, but we’re silent too yeah I agree
We’re too critical too yeah to a degree , will we see that change , yeah, but it’s not likely
But I tell you now that this shit matters, its was written in the signs of all the patterns
Of every single moment that came before us where we didn’t act and it all shattered
That’s why I get worked up every time I speak, with every new step still feel defeat
And tho I feel the heat, I will not retreat, keep doing this strong til we are complete!

Sometimes I just need you to lie and tell me it's fine, it'll be alright
Have you been there too, well I’m here to tell you that together we’ll fight
And the world is crumbling down, got demons all around yea provokin us
It's times like this in our lives when we need not me, not you, but all of us
i'm broken up and every day i'm feeling a pain that i'd soon regret, lifes debt.
and i bet you’ve felt it too crawling in your skini\from toes to neck
So i look to you, us two can get through it all,, yea by and by
maybe it’s then we can change the world, but for now let's start with you and I
one day when my back is strong, and my tounge is twice as sharp
I will lift us up, find a way to right our wrongs, and then find a way to mend our hearts, let's start
But for now if you’re feeling like me, this is just the start and the feeling mighty
Will it disappear well it’s not likely cuz we on the rise and we feeling so free, let’s be like

I am the whitest whitest asian that you ever did see
So when I tell you I’m out there working man I’m not doing it just for me
I’m doing it for you and you and your mom Representing out there so strong
Trying to prove you and i belong I feel it so deep so I wrote this song
To prove that you and I can do this, it’s Ludacris how they view this
We worked twice as hard to pursue this so let’s snatch the crown while they remain clueless
But we are no victims, we can get lifted, demographics on our side that never been listed
We are on a mission, barely even started, to change ourselves as well as the system


from Voices Of Our Vote: #MYAAPIVote Album, released September 6, 2016
Music Credit:
"Alive" Produced by Chucky Kim
By DANakaDAN + Jun Sung Ahn
Full Version: youtu.be/ssR3O3gtCkk


all rights reserved



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